Items wanted :

Back cover for a Philips 900X

Back cover for a Philips 2634/2637


Items offered :

I have some Philips service documents for export models. Please mail if you require help.

I have some Philips knobs for sale or exchange.

Also some new and tested used tubes for sale or exchange. Please note that I have no specific audio tubes. The following list gives a rough idea, please mail for details.

European P type tubes

EBC3, EF9, EF6, ECH3, ECH4, EL3, AZ1 etc.

European loktal type tubes

UCH21, EF22, UF21, UBL21, EBL21 etc.

European octal type tubes

EL33, AZ31, EBC33, ECH35, CL33 etc.

European rimlock type tubes

EF41, EBC41, ECH42, EAF42, EL41, UL41, UBC41 etc.

European miniature type tubes

EF89, EBC81, ECH81, EABF80/89, EL95, UL84, UBC81 etc.

European miniature battery type tubes

DK96, DK91, DF91, DL96, DL94, DM71.

American UX type tubes

57,58, 6D6, 6A7, 6B7, 41, 42 etc.

American 6V octal type tubes

6K7, 6K8, 6A8, 6F6, 6L6, 6H6, 6Q7, 6SK7, 6SA7 etc.

American series heated octal type tubes

50L6, 35L6, 12SK7, 12SA7 etc.

American loktal type tubes

7C5, 7C6, 7B7 and many more types.

American miniature type tubes

6BA6, 6BE6, 6X4, 12BA6, 35C5 etc.

Some British type tubes

UU5, UU6, UU8, PEN384, 10F9 etc.