Collecting old radios

is a pastime which has seen a growing worldwide popularity during the last decade or two.  This is also coincidentally the period which has seen the typical old radio decline into final obsoletion.  A fortunate percentage of obsolete radios has escaped destruction, and today it can be surprising to note which old sets can still be found in the most unexpected places.  Some old but still useful radios - offering FM reception - are still getting the daily use they were acquired to do, 40 years ago.   Others, rendered obsolete relatively quickly by the significant advances offered by radios only 5 years their junior, may have languished for the last 60 years or so. 

Some radios are today still found largely in the same condition they were left in store.  Others have not escaped the ravages of time and moisture.  It is up to the collector not only to seek out such radios, but to attempt their restoration in a sympathetic yet efficient manner.  

Whichever radio is sought, of whichever age, a find of such an old object can be a real thrill to the collector.  When such a radio is brought to life by the careful application of old salvaged components and loving attention, the result can be very satisfactory.

While the demise of commercial communication via electromagnetic waves approaches, signalling an end of the era to which these radios belong, their memory will live on in the hands of a large number of dedicated and passionate collectors around the world.